Monday, February 25, 2013

Roscommon County Council has received complaints from local residents in the Skrine area of Roscommon about noise pollution from a small wind farm in the area, the Herald can reveal. The Herald has learned that Roscommon County Council has received complaints regarding noise pollution from residents living in close proximity to two wind turbine structures, which were commissioned in August 2011. The households have complained that the noise from the turbines, which have an overall height of around 100 metres, has turned their lives upside down and made their lives unbearable. The constant pulsating noise has led to sleep deprivation and is impacting on the health of those living close by. This week one of the families affected by the wind turbines, Michael and Dorothy Keane, told the Herald that they were close to breaking point and felt that they had no option but to make a complaint to the council. “We just want someone to listen to our concerns, to see what we have to live with day in day out. We are at the end of our tether and cannot take much more. We cannot sleep at night and are struggling to cope on a daily basis because of this constant pulsating noise that gets inside your head,” Michael Keane told the Herald. The other family, who wished to remain anonymous at this stage, also confirmed that it had made complaints to the council over noise coming from the turbines. The family indicated that it wanted noise levels to be monitored independently and for a period of at least six months. It has since emerged that no specific noise limits were attached to the grant of planning permission for the turbines, which was granted by An Bord Pleanala in 2005. The council has indicated that this was “unusual” in correspondence with one of the families concerned and that the absence of specific noise limits made it difficult to enforce compliance. While the council accepted this difficulty, it said that wind energy company, Gaelectric, had provided evidence last December to show that noise levels were within generally accepted limits. Gaelectric also confirmed this week that it had commissioned noise surveys last year, which found that the Skrine wind farm was operating within noise thresholds agreed with the county council last year.

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