Monday, April 01, 2013

HOPES ARE high that Hollywood star Tom Cruise will accept an invitation to visit the birthplace of his ancestors in Kilteevan and have a civic reception hosted in his honour.
The film star will jet into Ireland on Wednesday ahead of the premiere of his latest film ‘Oblivion’ and the Mayor of Roscommon County Council, Cllr Tom Crosby, has been liaising with officials in the Department of Foreign Affairs about traveling to to Dublin to officially invite Mr Cruise to Roscommon at a later point.
“They are getting in touch with Universal Films who are looking after his arrangements for Wednesday. We’ve let them know that the mayor and county manager would appreciate the opportunity to meet with him, even briefly, to invite him to Roscommon. It is known that he is very proud of his Roscommon connections and I really feel that having the opportunity to have such a super star in our county would be publicity for that county never experienced before,” he explained.
Tom Cruise’s full name is Tom Cruise Mapother IV. The Mapother family is believed to have settled in Kileenboy, Kilteevan in the early sixteenth century and to have remained there until the 1930s.
Mayor Crosby said that it was understood Mr Cruise travelled to the Kilteevan area twenty years ago to research his ancestors.
“He supposedly came many years ago, in a private capacity, seeking no attention or publicity. I think it would be a wonderful occasion to honour him if he came to Roscommon and celebrate the links that he has in the county, particularly this the year of The Gathering. It will certainly be the kind of positive publicity that Roscommon would benefit from and we would ensure that he receives a rapturous welcome,” he said.

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