Tuesday, May 16, 2017


A Ballygar family have spoken of their torment over failing to receive treatment for their 48 year old father, who remains in severe pain after complications arising from an operation back in 2013.


The man, who does not wish to be named, has been refused treatment following two operations in recent years. Currently, the man, a carpenter by profession with four young children, has been attempting to access pain management in Beaumount Hospital and the Sports Injury Clinic in Santry.


The man was operated upon in October 2013 in Merlin Park Hospital in Galway and received corrective surgery in March the following year, in UCH Galway. It’s understood the surgeon who carried out the procedure left the country in January 2015 and is the subject of an ongoing medical investigation.


The man first became unwell in 2013 suffering from back pain and sensations down the left side of his body. However his condition worsened following surgery, resulting in severe pain in the man’s right leg, necessitating further surgery in March the following year.


A scan prior to the second surgery revealed a screw hitting a nerve in the man’s right leg, requiring the screw to be re-positioned to alleviate his pain. However the procedure was unsuccessful as he continues to suffer excruciating pain.


“I’ve been in at least twenty times to the A. and E. in both UCHG and Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe, yet got no-where. I’m in absolute chronic pain at the moment – it’s going through me. I have to get an injection to get to Dublin.”


Since Easter, the main has visited Hospital on at least six occasions: “the pain management team in Galway haven’t seen me in the past year, year and a half. The pain never stops, I don’t get a second – I’m up all night.


Galway (UCHG) did agree to some type of pain management care but I’ve no idea when it is going to happen. I’m looking for proper care in Galway, it costs to see a Consultant like I’m doing now. It’s crazy, I can’t sleep, I can do nothing. I’ve no idea at this stage who is going to do what. It’s all down to who foots the bill, I’m looking at the HSE to foot the bill. My right leg will never be right,” he told the Herald.

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