Thursday, March 29, 2018

Two suspected dog attacks have left scores of lambs dead or mauled in South Roscommon. At one farm between 30-40 lambs are understood to have been killed or maimed and at another, four lambs were found dead and a number more are missing, Gardaí have confirmed. A search is ongoing for the missing lambs.

The incidents took place in the Kellybrook and Churchboro, Knockcroghery, areas in the early hours of Sunday morning, March 25th.

In response to the suspected attacks, local Gardaí have stressed the need for pet owners to make sure their dogs are under control, and they have appealed for information on the incidents.

IFA County Chairman Jim O’Connor said it was crucial that pet owners controlled their dogs and was outraged by the latest suspected attack.

“It is an absolute disgrace that dog owners do not keep their pets under control,” he said.

“It is entirely unacceptable that members of the farming community are repeatedly subjected to instances of attacks on their livelihoods.”

He said the farmers involved would have experienced a significant financial loss.

“The aftermath means that the rest of the flock are so traumatised, it affects their growth. So it’s not just the immediate financial loss, it is on an ongoing basis,” he said.

Local councillors Paddy Kilduff and Laurence Fallon also condemned the suspected attacks and expressed their sympathies to the farmers involved.

“I am disgusted by the attacks and people clearly are not controlling their dogs,” said Cllr Kilduff. He stressed that farmers had the right to defend their flocks.

Cllr Fallon agreed that while a farmer had to deal with the immediate loss, the shock and trauma done to the flock was considerable and long-term.

“The appeal again has to keep your dog under control at all times,” he said.

“I’d also appeal to the dog warden to be vigilant in terms of wandering dogs, especially at this time of year.”

Anyone with information is ask to contact the Gardaí.

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