Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is not commenting on whether it will be prosecuting the HSE over an electrocution incident at a vacant hostel in Roscommon Town at the start of last year.

The HSA investigated the incident which happened at the Cloonbrackna Hostel and involved a staff member from Roscommon Mental Health Services.

The staff member had been checking the house with a colleague after a flooding incident in the empty hostel.

According to a HSE inspection report from November 2018, “on January 10, 2018, following a heavy frost the previous evening, the main pipe feeding the main water tank in the attic burst. This was due to the fact that the insulation around the pipe had fallen off over time,” the redacted report, released through the Freedom of Information Act, stated.

After the electrocution incident, the building was evacuated immediately and first aid was administered at the scene.

The report added that once HSE maintenance arrived, the electricity and water mains were turned off.

All light switches and power sockets were removed and the building was dried out using dehumidifiers.

A review was also undertaken by the HSE and all other hostels had been checked to ensure that pipes had the required insulation and that electrical systems had an earth leakage circuit breaker installed.

The HSA investigation has now concluded.

When contacted, the HSA said it could not comment on any plans in relation to prosecutions.

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