Wednesday, May 22, 2019

There are calls for Ireland to follow in England’s footsteps and ban single-use plastics.

From April, people in the UK will no longer be able to use plastic straws, stirrers or cotton buds.

Ireland will be forced to ban plastics by 2021 under new EU plans, but it is hoped that it will be done sooner.

Mindy O’Brien from Voice Ireland says people are more environmentally conscious, but it is our behaviour that has to change.

She said: “I’ll still buy the bag of carrots or I’ll still buy lots of little pots of yoghurt… Recycling is good but we have to look at how we can prevent the creation of that waste in the first place.

“We’re concerned about climate change, but we’re still taking our cars into town, we’re still using cars everywhere, we’re buying that big SUV.”

Earlier this year, the Government confirmed it will no longer allow single-use plastics to be used in their offices.

Minister for Climate Action Richard Bruton announced in January that government departments and public bodies will “lead the way” in tackling the issue of plastic pollution.

A number of measures were announced, including no longer purchasing single-use plastic cups, cutlery and straws for use in government offices.

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