Thursday, July 25, 2019

After considerable speculation, Boyle Senator Frank Feighan has been selected to contest the next general election for Fine Gael in the enlarged Sligo-Leitrim constituency, which now includes approximately 5,000 voters in the North Roscommon area.

Senator Feighan was informed by the party’s ruling executive council of the news last Thursday following the decision of former TD Gerry Reynolds to withdraw from the party’s election ticket, following his selection at convention last year.

Following interviews with six prospective candidates in Carrick-on-Shannon last Monday, Senator Feighan was selected to replace Mr Reynolds.

To date, he is the only Roscommon-based candidate in the sprawling four-seat constituency, which now includes the immediate hinterland of Boyle, counties Sligo and Leitrim, and the towns of Ballyshannon and Bundoran.

“I’m delighted with the news and I believe I have a good chance of winning a seat. I would have got almost 60%-65% of my vote in the South Leitrim and North Roscommon area that now forms part of the constituency.”

Senator Feighan concedes he will have to secure a considerable portion of votes in Leitrim and also in South Sligo if he is to win a seat.

However, he believes that having served the South Leitrim area in Dáil Éireann on two occasions and having considerable family connections in Sligo, he feels he has a real chance of success.

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