Thursday, August 08, 2019

Omniplex Cinemas announce today they will officially take over the ownership of the ‘C&L Plex’ cinema in Roscommon. On Monday the 5th of August, C&L Plex announced they were closing their doors for the final time with immediate effect, shocking locals in the area. Omniplex Cinemas have agree to take over the cinema and re-open the doors this Friday the 9th of August.

Mark Anderson, Director of Omniplex Cinemas, says, ‘It’s a sad day in a town to see a cinema close its doors.  Not only for the patrons who regularly enjoy their cinema trip, but also for a group of loyal staff. We’ve decided to step in to take-over the cinema and retain the cinema employees. We will re-open the doors on Friday the 9th of August under the Omniplex Cinema brand and will be looking at plans for design upgrade over the next few months’.

The take-over comes in line with the cinema groups major expansion plans in the Republic of Ireland including a 10 screen D’Luxx Cinema in Salthill, 6 screen cinema in Shannon, 5 Screen Cinema in Ballinsloe, and planning permission applied for another 5 screen cinema in Mullingar which have all been announced since the beginning of 2019.

Mark Anderson noted ‘We’re continuing to expand our cinemas into large & medium sized towns around Ireland as the demand for cinema grows. In fact, Ireland is the highest cinema-going nation in Europe for the last five years and based on admissions so far this year we’re not seeing any slowdown’.

Cinema listings and online booking will be coming soon at

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