Tuesday, August 27, 2019


The members of the Roscommon Beef Plan Movement (BPM) voiced their displeasure at the weekend at the proposal designed to end the dispute between farmers and meat factories.

Lack of progress on better prices was described as a crucial stumbling block for the Beef Plan Movement’s local membership.

Nationally, the Beef Plan Movement has said it would not endorse the outcome of last week’s talks.

Pickets, unconnected with BPM, have returned to some plants around the country. However, there are no pickets in the county.

Vice-chairman of Roscommon BPM, Conal Tiernan, said a large crowd of members met at the Hyde Centre on Saturday night for a full update and briefing on the proposed agreement.

“In-depth detail on the lead-up to the talks and how the 36 hours of talks evolved were shared with Beef Plan members, as we promised to have open and full transparency with all our members,” said Mr Tiernan.

“It was a major point of concern for the members that no concessions were given on the 30 month, 70 day, and four-movement rule,” he said.

There was also continued frustration that no concessions were reached on tackling alleged anti-competitive practices.

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