Sunday, January 19, 2020

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The homeless crisis won’t go away with a new government, the founder of a Dublin-based charity has warned.

Yesterday a Dublin Regional Homeless Executive report stated 222 homeless people died in the last 4 years.

However, Cllr Anthony Flynn, from the Inner City Helping Homeless group, says that figure only counts people registered with homeless services and doesn’t include those who die while sleeping rough.

The homeless crisis will continue unless the incoming government adopts an urgent approach, he said.

“The fact is homeless services is in turmoil. It’s a big, big agenda. It dominated the agenda for the first 48 hours of the General Election and it will continue to do so,” Cllr Flynn said.

“Unless we have political will to change what’s in place at the moment or change the system that’s in place at the moment, we are going to continue to see the stories of old people and children that are on the streets.

We need political will and we need change immediately.

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