Sunday, February 09, 2020

All Sligo-Leitrim boxes have now been tallied and confirm that with 25 per cent  the vote Martin  Kenny will top the poll – while only seven votes separate Fianna Fail’s Marc MacSharry and Independent candidate Marian Harkin.

The tally suggests that with almost 15,000 votes the Sinn Fein candidate will be elected on the first count and will have a surplus of well over 2,000 . Where that will go is the focus of much speculation at the Sligo Leitrim count.

The final tally figures for Sligo, Leitrim , north Roscommon and south Donegal give Marc MacSharry 6947 first preferences compared to 6940 for Harkin.

With Marian Harkin described as very transfer friendly and Shane Ellis expected to pass a solid transfer to both his running mates ,  Fianna Fáil and the former MEP have reasons for optimism . Marc MacSharry is the favourite to  take the second seat, but with Frank Feighan and Thomas Walsh of Fine Gael still in contention , it is going to take a long time before the final two are decided.

The quota will be 12,065

The tally   figures for the front runners are :

Kenny Martin (SF): 14,988 (25pc)

MacSharry Marc (FF): 6,947. (12pc)

Harkin Marian (Ind): 6,940 (12pc)

Scanlon Eamon (FF): 6,191 (10 pc)

Feighan Frank (FG): 5,314 (9 pc)

Walsh , Thomas (FG): 4,746 (8pc)

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