Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A public representative has spoken of his Covid-19 concerns as his daughter awaits the results of tests carried out last weekend.

With less than five cases confirmed in the county, Independent MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan confirmed that his 15-year-old daughter, Katie is awaiting the results of tests after she presented herself for testing in Roscommon Town last weekend. She had reported symptoms similar to that of the virus last week. “It’s not something I would normally talk about, a matter concerning my family, but I felt it important to speak out, to demystify the process. It’s not something to be scared of, the procedures are non-invasive and we’re expecting Katie’s results back soon,” he told the Roscommon Herald.

“Katie first got a cough last Monday. She subsequently complained of a sore throat and a tightness in her chest. And though she was complaining of the cold, she had no temperature. In normal circumstances, we thought it was a ’flu, but we rang our doctor on Wednesday morning. We were told Katie would have to wait two to three days for a test. But on Saturday morning at approximately 9.30 a.m. we went to the centre in Roscommon Town” said the MEP.

“We basically drove in — six cars were ahead of us. When there were three cars in front of us, we reversed into a place and someone came out to us and knocked on our (car) window. Katie was given a face mask. and about five minutes later, she had her nose and throat swabbed.

After it was over, she was then given a bag of instructions and another facemask, which We subsequently destroyed it when we got home. We were told it would take at least four days before we got the result of the test. But it may take longer. My daughter still has some symptoms, but she’s in the right group. She’s bored out of her head and is using the bathroom and her own room, which are locked for her own use. As a family we are self-isolating and we are not touching hard surfaces. We will continue to isolate, even if the result comes back negative, until a vaccine is found,” said the MEP.

Meanwhile, all inpatient and day-case procedures at Roscommon University Hospital remain cancelled. Outpatient clinics at the hospital are also currently cancelled with a very limited number of exceptions. However, the Injury Unit is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days per week. For more details call 090 6632212.

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