Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Suck Valley Way, Athleague. Photo: Google Maps

A Roscommon councillor has criticised people who she says are treating the lockdown like a holiday, after chancing upon a group of campers in the Suck Valley Way.

Speaking at a social distanced council meeting recently, Cllr Orla Leyden stressed that camping is illegal during this time.

“This isn’t a holiday time; this is a Covid emergency,” she said, adding that the campers could have set the whole forest on fire. She said she also spotted piles of illegally dumped items, including bottles, papers and toilet paper and some “destroyed” trees.

“Most people are standing up and volunteering… but everybody needs to join that.… This isn’t the way we should be behaving,” she said.

Orla commended the majority of the population who are abiding by the regulations: “We have generally seen the best of people, but a few people are letting it all down.”

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