Saturday, May 16, 2020

Unseasonably warm and dry weather has brought about a great season for turf here in Roscommon, as anyone out on the roads can attest. Trailers full of turf have been a regular sight on all the roads across the county as families have been getting their harvest off the bog and back home throughout last week and this weekend, with plenty more activity likely over the coming weeks.

Turf usage in Roscommon continues to be far more prevalent than is the case nationally, with 2016 census data showing that 6,379 permanent private households (26.6% of the total amount of 23,962) use peat products as their primary source of central heating. This contrasts with a national average of 5.3%, or 90,029 homes out of just under 1.7 million across the country.

Nationally, just over one in three houses use natural gas as their primary source of heating, while that proportion is closer to one in 30 here in Roscommon due to the lack of availability. That leaves oil also picking up a lot of slack here. 13,082 homes use oil as their primary source of heat in Roscommon (54.6%) and while oil is still the biggest source of heat all across Ireland, nationally the total of 686,004 homes represents 40% of the national occupied housing stock.

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