Wednesday, June 03, 2020

There has been a further increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in county Roscommon, figures released by the Department of Health have revealed this evening (Tuesday).

There has been a further increase in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in County Roscommon.


Latest figures from the Department of Health have revealed a further two cases recorded of the virus in the county, bringing the total number of cases to 335. The county continues to account for 1.3% of all cases of the virus in the twenty-six counties.


This evening’s news follows no new reported cases of the virus yesterday (Monday) but is considerably fewer than the twelve new cases announced on Sunday when Roscommon had the highest number of new cases of any county in Ireland.


Meanwhile, Galway has also recorded a further two new cases (now on 482), Westmeath has also recorded one new case, bringing its total of all cases to 670. Offaly has had no increase, remaining on 478.


Leitrim has had no new cases in the last six days and remains on 83. The county continues to have the fewest of all cases in the country. The number of cases in Longford remains unchanged at 283 cases., Mayo also remains unchanged with 570 cases. Sligo’s figure is also unchanged with a total of 129 which has remained unchanged since May 13th.


Roscommon continues to have the nineth lowest number of all Covid-19 cases per county, ahead of counties Kerry with 308 cases of the virus, Longford, Laois with 259 cases, Wexford with 213 cases, Carlow with 166 cases, Waterford with 153, Sligo and Leitrim which continues to have the lowest number of all cases in the country.


Meanwhile the Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today (Tuesday) been informed of a further eight persons who have died from COVID-19. This brings Ireland’s total number of deaths associated with the virus to 1,658.


The majority of Covid-19 cases reveals 14,332 or 57.2% of all confirmed cases are female with 10,693 or 42.68% of cases recorded as males. A total of 31 cases of Covid-19 or 0.12% of all recorded cases have not being classified as male or female.


A further ten new cases of the Covid-19 virus have been confirmed by the Department of Health, bringing the total number of cases of Covid-19 in Ireland to 25,066.


In Northern Ireland, there has been a further two deaths due to the coronavirus, bringing the total number of recorded hospital deaths to 526.


Four new cases of Covid-19 have been diagnosed  in the six counties, taking the total number of confirmed cases in the region to 4,732.


As of midnight Monday 1 June, 348,416 tests have been carried out. Over the past week, 22,621 tests were carried out. Of these, 389 were positive, giving a positivity rate of 1.7%.


Speaking at this morning’s daily Covid-19 briefing, a Government spokesperson said the recent good weather was an “understandable opportunity” for people to get out and about. While there were a number of “small incidents”, the spokesperson said gardaí had reported “good compliance” to social distancing guidelines.


The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) will meet this Thursday to review the overall figures and will give a recommendation to Government on whether Ireland should move to Phase 2.




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