Saturday, June 06, 2020

Following the announcement during the week that people are free to travel anywhere within their own county, that prompted one local Roscommon TD to encourage people to make sure to take in the hidden attractions of this county, and to really get to know all the wonderful nooks and crannies from Creagh to Kilronan.

But what if you don’t know your way around some of the different parts of Roscommon, given the long distances from one end to the other? Don’t worry, the Roscommon Herald has got you covered! Just in case you missed in the first time, follow each of the four links below to find our Alternative Tour guide to the each of the four parts of the county, including all the little secrets and twists you never knew before!

The Alternative Tour Guide to South Roscommon

The Alternative Tour Guide to Mid Roscommon

The Alternative Tour Guide to West Roscommon 

The Alternative Tour Guide to North Roscommon 

Find out the significance of the metal droppings of this famous Boyle landmark!

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