Saturday, June 20, 2020

22 additional cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Ireland in this evening’s update from the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET), but none of those cases have been recorded in Roscommon, Connacht, or any Leinster county that shares a border with Roscommon.

Roscommon’s total continues to stand at 344, while the province of Connacht has now not had a case recorded for two consecutive evenings.

County Roscommon now accounts for 1.36 per cent of total Covid-19 cases in the Republic of Ireland.

Roscommon remains the ninth lowest county for cases of coronavirus. Leitrim (78), Sligo (125), Waterford (155), Carlow (173), Wexford (216), Laois (264), Longford (285) and Kerry (310) have less cases. Kilkenny, the tenth lowest county, has 353 cases.

Cases in neighbouring counties are as follows: Mayo (571), Galway (485), Westmeath (670) and Offaly (482).

Out of all of those counties named above, only Kerry had a new case recorded this evening, while Leitrim’s total was revised from 84 down to 78 as the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) continues the process of validating data and reviewing addresses

There is a two-day delay in the breakdown of county-by-county figures, meaning this evening’s announcement relates to all cases up to midnight on Thursday, June 18th.

As of midnight, Friday, June 19th, two more people have died from Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland, though the total number of cases is now officially 25,374, just six higher than yesterday’s number. Again, this is due to data correction by the HPSC.

Ireland’s death toll due to Covid-19 is now 1,715.

“The importance of people exercising their own judgement and taking personal responsibility in protecting themselves and others cannot be overstated at this crucial point in the pandemic,” said Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health

Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, said:

“Of the 22 confirmed cases we are reporting to you today, 9 of these were diagnosed in people under the age of 35. It is important for us all to remember that COVID-19 is a disease that can affect everyone, of any age or background. No one should feel that this is a disease that does not affect them.

“This virus is highly infectious and, as a result, the return of widespread community transmission remains a very real risk. To protect us all, especially our oldest and most vulnerable, personal preventative behaviours such as good and frequent hand washing, social distancing and respiratory etiquette remain as crucial as they were at the outset of this crisis.”

This evening’s data from the HPSC reveals that of midnight, Thursday, June 18th (25,352) cases):

*57 per cent are female and 43 per cent are male.

*the median age of confirmed cases is 48 years.

*3,280 cases (13 per cent) have been hospitalised.

*Of those hospitalised, 419 cases have been admitted to ICU.

*8,152 cases are associated with healthcare workers.

*Dublin has the highest number of cases at 12,257 (48.4 per cent of all cases), followed by Cork with 1,535 (6.1 per cent) and Kildare with 1,439 (5.7 per cent).

*Of those for whom transmission status is known, community transmission for 37 per cent, close contact accounts for 61 per cent and travel abroad accounts for 2 per cent.

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