Sunday, June 28, 2020




Cases of Covid-19 in County Roscommon remain at 345. However, there has been no update from the Department of Health on county-by-county figures since Friday evening.

Just three cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the county over the last fortnight.

County Roscommon accounts for 1.4 per cent of total Covid-19 cases in the Republic of Ireland and is the ninth lowest county for cases of coronavirus.

Leitrim (78), Sligo (125), Waterford (156), Carlow (175), Wexford (217), Laois (265), Longford (285) and Kerry (310) have less cases. Kilkenny, the tenth lowest county, has 354 cases.

Cases in neighbouring counties are as follows: Mayo (571), Galway (485), Westmeath (672) and Offaly (483).

As of midnight, Saturday, June 27th, there has been one further deaths from Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland, with a further three cases confirmed here.

The total number of cases is now 25,439, with a death toll of 1,735.

A further update on county-by-county figures is expected early next week.

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