Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Chief Medical Officer is appealing to people with foreign holidays planned, to cancel them.

The National Public Health Emergency Team is noticing a “worrying trend” of Covid-19 cases increasing, and new clusters emerging.

It is reported that one of the clusters was located in the north-west and was linked with travel to Iraq.

No new deaths were reported yesterday evening, but 24 more cases were confirmed.

At a briefing at the Department of Health on Monday evening, Dr Holohan advised against all non-essential travel over the coming weeks and months.

Asked if people should cancel any holiday plans they have abroad, Dr Holohan said: “We’d like people not to travel, yes.”

“It makes much more sense to not go ahead with that booking and to risk travelling abroad, picking up this infection, risk for you, for any family member you be travelling with or indeed any close contacts you have,” he said. “I think that would be not just in your individual interest but in our collective interest.”

He went on to say that he was “genuinely very concerned” about Irish people taking holidays abroad and “reimporting infection back into this country.”

“We are starting to see a worrying trend, with the number of reported cases increasing, and some new clusters,” Dr Holohan said.

At the briefing, health officials also said that, according to a new survey, 45% of people said they were now using face coverings with Dr Holohan saying this “doesn’t match with our experience”.


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