Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Public transport in Ireland could struggle if traffic volumes continue to grow.

Irish cities face a major traffic problem if current health guidelines remain in place into the autumn, according to a leading expert.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TIL) data shows volume on major routes outside the city centres continues to increase by between 8% and 18% on the previous week.

However, that’s still only at around three quarters of the levels seen last year.

Director of Consumer Affairs at the AA, Conor Faughnan, says this could pose problems for cities later in the year.

Mr Faughnan says: “Come the autumn, as the days draw in and the weather worsens, if we have a full return to work and if the schools restart, then we face a major challenge with the provision of public transport.

“So certainly that is something all Irish cities are facing into. It really emphasises the importance of iniatives like promoting cycling for example.”

TIL reported traffic volumes were up by as much as 18% on some of Ireland’s major roads yesterday compared to the same day last week as the country entered Phase Three of the lockdown exit.

Director of Communications with TII, Sean O’Neill, says all major corridors into cities are picking up again.

“I think in general traffic levels are coming up from historical lows but nowhere near the levels we had this time last year.”

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