Wednesday, July 01, 2020

It is set to be launched this week if given the green light by Cabinet.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) says its new Covid-19 contact tracing app has cost €850,000 so far to develop.

The app will work via Bluetooth and let people know if someone, who they have been around, has coronavirus.

Newstalk’s Technology correspondent Jess Kelly says huge efforts have been made to protect people’s privacy.

Ms Kelly says: “When the contact tracing team calls you, or when you are on to the contact tracing team, after you have been a confirmed case, 

“They will ask do you consent to issuing the diagnosis so again you have to consent to that. 

“Every element of this requires user consent.”

Yesterday the Irish Examiner reportedreported that the contact tracing smartphone application will be live for at least six months before any judgement can be made as to whether or not it works effectively. 

The HSE says that effectiveness will be measured via the app’s levels of engagement.

The CovidTracker Ireland app, which has been in development since late March, is due to go live following a number of false starts, pending Government approval.

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