Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Following serious flooding earlier this year, researchers at the University of Limerick are asking people in Roscommon for their views on flood prevention. They feel that more can be done to help prevent devastating floods and are seeking local people’s help in finding potential solutions.

They hope that this research will provide a unique perspective in terms of what works best on a local level, avoiding reliance on a “one-size-fits-all approach” to a very diverse landscape.

They are using an online survey and are looking for responses from people of all ages over the age of 18 and from all backgrounds. The online survey takes about 10 minutes and participants will be entered into a €150 prize draw or can choose to have a charitable donation made on their behalf.

“This February saw rainfall almost four times higher than average, similar to the devastating flood seasons of 2009 and 2015,” they said. “Flooding impacts life in Ireland in many ways, with detrimental effects seen to include pollution of our waterways, damage to property, infrastructure, livelihoods, biodiversity, the environment, and restrictions on recreation facilities. Hundreds of acres of agricultural land have been damaged by the overflowing Shannon and its tributaries, forcing farmers to relocate livestock and fodder.

“Life for other residents along the Shannon was disrupted by road closures and schools and businesses were forced to shut due to the floods. Extensive flood damage was reported more than ten miles from the Shannon in parts of County Roscommon during this difficult time.”

They said that local communities have been calling for greater action in flood management and prevention as the frequency of extreme weather events in Ireland increases.

“The input of both the riverside farming community and residential dwellers in the vicinity of flood-prone areas is invaluable in finding solutions that work for all while still taking into account the local landscape and shared use of our rivers and lakes and the surrounding areas,” the UL researchers continued.

“Despite a range of measures and allocation of significant government funding to address the Irish flood crisis, more can be done. It is imperative to explore alternative flood prevention strategies, while taking into account the experiences and expertise of those who have been impacted by or have witnessed the devastating effects of flooding.”

To take part in the study please click here.

The research is being undertaken by Dr Elaine Gallagher, a member of the Centre for Social Issues Research, which is led by Prof Orla Muldoon at the University of Limerick. Other team members include Liadh Ní Mhuircheartaigh, a Masters student at UL.

For further information, or to request a paper version of the survey to be posted, please email: [email protected]

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