Saturday, July 18, 2020

As society creeps back towards something approximating normality, so too has the local and national property market – but early evidence would suggest that already, things are changing in terms of consumer demand, and Roscommon may be just the type of area to benefit.

Angela Keegan, managing director of property website, stated in the Irish Times today that searches for houses in west Cork have gone “through the roof” since the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions, saying they are “Up about 9,000 per cent” based on a small sample size.

In the west, online viewings of properties in Galway city has more than doubled and while coastal areas such as Mayo and Sligo are garnering the most interest, there have been viewers keeping a keen eye on areas like Roscommon, where buyers can get more substantial properties for their capital investment.  With remote working now far more common, those who previously felt trapped in Dublin or the commuter belt are examining new options.

“My gut instinct is that while everybody has been at home for a number of months, perhaps they have decided they can live a little bit differently,” Ms Keegan said.

“I think people are seeing opportunities to live elsewhere. Working from home for months in a small house with three or four children, you might be thinking well, actually, I can have a better quality of life and still work from home. People living on the commuter belt, spending three hours a day getting to work and back – they don’t have to do it and they are still producing really, really good work.”

Last months DAFT property report showed that the Connacht/Ulster area of the country was the only territory where property prices rose in the 12 months to June 2020, albeit only by a factor of 0.7%, and while Roscommon’s average house price of just over €135,280 is the third lowest in the country, with only Leitrim and Longford lower, this could be set to rise if more and more people continue to look away from the country’s large urban centres in a bid to find a better quality of life.

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