Thursday, July 30, 2020

Reports are circulating again this evening in the Ballaghaderreen, Boyle and Roscommon town areas of a man calling around to people’s houses asking if homeowners wanted paving done.

A concerned resident in Ballaghaderreen spoke of a man driving an English registered Hyundai and “acting very odd”. “The thought crossed my mind he could be after my dogs so I took pictures”. Others in Boyle reported similar incidents of people snooping after dogs.

Meanwhile, Roscommon SPCA is this evening calling on all dog owners to take extra measures to ensure the safety of their dogs.

“There are so many reports of dogs straying; missing and being stolen every day, yet so many are allowed out on their own,” said a post from he group.

“Ensure your pets are microchipped and registered. If your dog runs off and it is found, you can be easily traced as its owner. If your dog is stolen, when it is taken to the vets, they will discover that the dog is chipped and you will be identified as its rightful owner

“Make sure the details held are correct. If you keep them outside, make sure your property is secure and safe. Do not leave them alone in a car. This is our last week of the 50% discount on microchipping and registration,” said the Roscommon SPCA group.

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