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County Roscommon has now gone nearly four weeks without a Covid-19 case, meaning that no county in the Republic of Ireland has gone longer without a case of the virus.

Like Roscommon, County Kilkenny hadn’t reported a case of the virus since July 4th. But the addition of one case to Kilkenny’s total at this evening’s health briefing means that Roscommon now leads the way in terms of the number of days without a reported case of Covid-19.

Roscommon’s number remains on 346, and it is 27 days since a case was last reported in the county. For the previous four weeks up until July 4th, there had been just four cases of the virus in the county.

County Roscommon accounts for 1.3 per cent of total Covid-19 cases in the Republic of Ireland and is the ninth lowest county for cases of coronavirus. Leitrim (84), Sligo (149), Waterford (166), Carlow (179), Wexford (224), Laois (282), Longford (288) and Kerry (317) have less cases. Kilkenny, the tenth lowest county, now has 357 cases.

Cases in neighbouring counties are as follows: Mayo (576), Galway (495), Westmeath (680) and Offaly (488).

Out of the five Connacht counties, only Sligo has increased its number of cases by one in the last 24 hours. All the other counties remain unchanged.

This evening, it was announced there had been no further deaths from Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland, with a further 38 cases confirmed here.

The total number of cases is now 25,065, with a death toll of 1,763.

“Mass testing has now taken place in relation to a number of known outbreaks.

“We may be beginning to see more cases which we cannot link to outbreaks or close contacts. The National Public Health Emergency Team will continue to monitor this situation closely over the coming days,” said Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronan Glynn.

Of today’s 38 cases:

*22 males and 16 females

*the median age is 30 years

*82 per cent are under 45 years of age

*32 cases are located in Dublin or Kildare

*26 are associated with outbreaks or are close contacts of confirmed cases

Over the past two days a total of 123 cases have been reported.

Of these, 84 cases are linked to known outbreaks or are close contacts of other confirmed cases.

At least 19 cases have been identified as community transmission while 20 cases remain under investigation.

44 cases are located in Kildare, 33 in Dublin, 11 in Clare, 10 in Laois, 8 in Limerick and the remaining 17 are located across ten counties.

A survey of GPs has indicated that the vast majority of patients who had contacted them with Covid-like symptoms in the past week had not been self-isolating since the onset of their symptoms.

“The importance of isolating as soon as you have any flu like symptoms cannot be overstated. Without this individual action we simply will not break the chains of transmission and we will put many people at risk of infection.

“It is important that people know that there is no charge for GP or testing services relating to Covid-19. Please do not hesitate to contact your GP if you have any concerns.

“This weekend, the six key things people need to do are limit the size of your network and time you spend with them, keep your distance, meet up outside if possible, wash your hands, wear a face covering and download the Covid Tracker App,” explained Dr. Glynn.

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