Saturday, September 12, 2020

Halcyon uses hospital-grade disinfectant to decontaminate the school and prepare it for the children’s safe return.

Local cleaning services specialist Halcyon Group has announced a Covid-19 initiative for small businesses across the county of Roscommon. The company, based in Roscommon Town, is offering a free decontamination clean to any small business that has been forced to close its doors due to a Covid-19 case and needs to be disinfected and certified in order to start up again.

“We realise the financial burden the pandemic has placed on businesses in Roscommon and those that have had to close don’t need the extra expense of disinfection before they get back to business,” said Peter Kirwan, Halcyon Group owner and Managing Director. “This is our way of giving back to our community.”

To launch its Covid-19 Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Halcyon has partnered with St Coman’s Wood Primary School in Roscommon Town to provide regular disinfection fogging for the year at both school premises. This kicked off on Friday, August 28th to prepare the school for reopening and is part of Halcyon’s Covid-19 CSR free programme.

“The school has a special significance for us,” Mr Kirwan said, “A number of our staff were pupils there.” Among them is Mr Kirwan’s son, Peter Kirwan Jnr, who joined his dad for the school’s inaugural disinfection fogging. “Peter is working his way in the company from the bottom up. I’m usually in the background running the business, but this was a special father-and-son occasion,” Mr Kirwan added.

To decontaminate an area, Halcyon uses a fogging process with hospital-grade disinfectant that’s proven effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses, including coronavirus. The disinfectant remains active for three to four weeks, giving businesses peace of mind. In addition, Halcyon carries Professional Indemnity Insurance, which allows them to certify their work. “Someone going into a building and wiping door handles doesn’t make your premises Covid-19 free,” said Mr Kirwan.

Businesses that have received Halcyon’s Infection Control and Decontamination service are issued with a certificate of completion to display to customers so that they can feel confident the premises has been professionally decontaminated.

Halcyon Group has been in operation for the past 16 years with its head office on Racecourse Road in Roscommon Town. The company employs some 600 full and part-time staff and services businesses across Ireland and the UK. Roscommon small businesses with an internal area size up to 5000 square feet that need to avail of the Halcyon Group’s free Covid-19 CSR offering should submit an application online at

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