Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A student attending Abbey Community College in Boyle has tested positive for Covid-19, news has emerged this evening (Tuesday).

It’s understood the student was in close contact, outside of the school environment, with another person who had the virus. The student had not been displaying symptoms of the virus, but was asymptomatic and is currently self-isolating.

Authorities at the college in Boyle have been liaising with the HSE on the matter, who have advised the school that there is no requirement to close or for the student’s classmates to isolate.

The principal of Abbey College David Harding told the Roscommon Herald that the infection stemmed “from a known source outside of the school”. “The HSE has complimented the range of measures we have in force here such as social distancing, sanitation, hygiene tracing records and mask-wearing. We have our homework done here,” stressed Mr Harding.

“It’s business as usual for the school here. No-one else has been sent home and no-one is required to get further testing. We carry out cleaning on a daily basis here in the school, having invested in three ‘fogging machines’ which clean all classrooms and lockers in the school on a daily basis.”

Mr Harding said the student was “a normal contact with a confirmed case” and the school will continue to adopt all best practices to prevent any further cases of the virus.

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