Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The St. Dominic’s intermediate football panel that will contest Saturday’s county final against Oran.






For clubs preparing for county finals, it’s a time of great excitement in their respective parishes.

Despite the current restrictions in place, everyone wants to talk about the “big match” and how their team might fare against the opposition in the decider.

However, there are financial headaches too. Championship preparations require money — lots of it — and with many clubs seeing their weekly income from lotto draws and other fundraisers slashed as a result of Covid-19, club treasurers have been scratching their heads about novel ways to earn some much-needed funds.

A feature in recent weeks has been the setting of GoFundMe pages where loyal supporters, from at home and abroad, can help out their team’s preparations for county finals.

But St. Dominic’s GAA Club, who meet Oran in Saturday’s eagerly-anticipated intermediate football championship final, has gone one step further by recruiting well-known and popular impressionist Aidan Tierney, of Tierney Talks fame, to preview this weekend’s big match.

From Morgan Freeman who outlines the history of Knockcroghery to Luke Ming Flanagan who encourages the team to show as much “enthusiasm and drive” as their number one supporter Davy Kilduff, Tierney previews the match in great detail.

It’s nearly as in-depth as the “big match preview” in this week’s Roscommon Herald but not quite!!!

A host of well-known St. Dominic’s people get the “Tierney Talks” treatment, while Pat Spillane encourages the team “go direct” in their efforts to win the club’s first intermediate title since 2007.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the club’s hugely successful 50/50 draw has been suspended, so the club has set up a special GoFundMe page to cover day-to-day expenses in the lead-up to the final.






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