Monday, October 12, 2020


Gardaí have confirmed to the Roscommon Herald that they attended a premises in Boyle this afternoon, Saturday, October 10th  at approximately 4.30 p.m. following reports of potential breaches of current Covid-19 regulations.

Following engagement with Gardaí  a group of people gathered in the premises agreed to leave.

“An investigation focused on the organisers of the event is currently underway,”  the Roscommon Herald has been informed.

According to a statement from Gardai: “In respect of regulations which are declared to be Penal Regulations under the Health Act 1947 as amended, An Garda Síochána adopts the approach of the Four Es which sees Gardaí engage, educate, encourage, and as a last resort, enforce.  Where Gardaí find potential breaches of the public health regulations a file is prepared for the DPP in each case.

“While An Garda Síochána will seek to encourage people to maintain the necessary public health measures, it will intervene where there is non-compliance with public health regulations,” the statement concluded.


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