Sunday, October 18, 2020


Dr Breda Smyth, Director of Public Health Medicine, HSE West

The director of public health for Roscommon, Mayo and Galway has said that Covid-19 has been reproducing at such a rate “you can no longer control it and it just takes off”.

According to Dr. Breda Smyth 100 people who were infected in the past week all connected back through various complex routes to one source.

In today’s Sunday Independent Dr. Smyth that they were seeing “very complex outbreaks that involve a lot of contacts. We’re seeing particularly transmission into bars and restaurants when they were open which led to further transmission. It jumps across counties and regions, depending on where the people are moving.”

She cited cases of funerals and communion parties where a relative had travelled from another county, stopped at a retail outlet on the way and returned to work in a supermarket in a different county again.

She went on to say that “right now the virus is out of control. It is reproducing at such a rate that you can no longer control it and it just takes of. That is what is happened in the last fortnight.”

She added that “we are now seeing outbreaks in vulnerable settings such as nursing homes and we simply do not want this to escalate any further.”|

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