Monday, January 11, 2021

Signage has been erected for the provision of a new Covid-19 test centre for Carrick-on-Shannon.

A new Covid-19 Test Centre in Carrick-on-Shannon is due to open following the closure of a similar Centre last year.


As numbers of Covid-19 cases continue to spiral across the region, signage has been erected for a new Covid-19 Test Centre, located on the Castlecara Road, near the town’s Aldi store.


A previous Test Centre had been located at the site of the Irish Wheelchair Association car-park, located close the site of the new centre. However the facility ceased operations last year due to the modest number of tests being carried out on the site.


In October, the HSE confirmed its intentions to open a new Test Centre for the county.


Following the closure of the original test centre, persons seeking a Covid-19 test had to go to Castlerea, Longford or Sligo. However the reopening of the test centre is clear recognition of the spiralling number of Covid-19 cases in Carrick-on-Shannon and adjoining areas.


Local Fine Gael Councillor Fiona Armstrong McGuire said she had made enquiries about a new test centre for the town last month, but said she didn’t known when the new centre would be reopening.


“The HSE did say they were committed to having a Covid-19 test centre in every county. Numbers have been going up and down locally in recent weeks. Previously, access to other test centres meant there wasn’t a need for a test centre for Carrick-on-Shannon.


“Now people who require a test are anxious to receive one as quickly and as close to them as possible”, said the Councillor.

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