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The vexed issue of all-day parking of vehicles on the main streets of Roscommon town was again raised at a recent meeting of the Roscommon Municipal District.

Independent Cllr Kathleen Shanagher said there continued to be issues with motorists, particularly workers, who were parking their cars “all day” in the town centre, claiming: “business people continue to park all day in the town. We need to have more signage for people to be more aware of off-street parking. The car park at the courthouse side of the town is particularly empty a lot of the time. People who are parking all day are denying visitors to the town from parking.”

However, Director of Services Martin Lydon said it was his belief increased signage “wouldn’t solve these issues; it’s up to employers to tell their employees where they should park in public car parks. We (the council) don’t want to cram up the town centre with signage. If you do, people just ignore it.”

However, Cllr Nigel Dineen suggested it was important “to exhaust every angle” when it came to informing people and suggested a letter from the local authority be circulated to businesses to highlight the local authority’s concerns at all-day parking in the town centre.

“I’m not saying no to everything,” said Mr Lydon, adding: “That’s a discussion to have between employers and their employees.” Authority Chairman Cllr Paschal Fitzmaurice said the issue of parking was something the Town Team could be proactive on.

However, Cllr Shanagher said there was a need for signage, even if of a temporary nature while works were ongoing in the town centre. Cllr Marty McDermott said it was “frustrating and inconsiderate” that people were parking all day in the town centre, adding: “Employers are stressing to their workers not to park, but employees are ignoring them,” he said.

However, Acting Head of Roads John Mockler said that in respect of signage, he understood the local Town Team had carried out a survey on people working and parking in the town centre, emphasising, “there a limit to what we (the council) can do”.

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