Saturday, September 25, 2021

With the Irish deer population at high levels, Roscommon drivers are being urged to be extra vigilant on the roads this autumn.

At this time of year, the male fallow deer is unpredictable and can travel several miles a day in search of a mate, crossing roads in the process.

The most common times for the male deer to roam are at dawn and dusk, which in October coincides with the morning and evening rush hours.

Rutting season, where male deer clash horns over mating rights with females, is about to begin. Drivers should beware of deer causing fatal accidents by bolting across roads, road safety experts say.

Motorists are urged to be cautious and drive a little slower at this time of the year, especially on rural and semi-rural roads.

Female deer fleeing across roads from stags during mating season can increase the risk of dangerous collisions.

Deer usually always cross roads in wooded areas as they use the trees for cover. The advice is if you are entering a wooded area at night slow down and be prepared. If one jumps out it is highly likely others will follow.


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