Thursday, December 09, 2021

Vivienne Clarke

Immunologist Professor Luke O’Neill has called for everyone in the country to receive the booster vaccine after three months.

The professor of biochemistry at Trinity College, Dublin told Newstalk’s Pat Kenny show that it was “ridiculous” for people to have to wait five months to get their third dose of the vaccine.

“I would boost everybody three months after the second shot. The UK is doing that – they’ve lowered the gap to three months. Why don’t we do that? The boosters are so effective,” Professor O’Neill said.

He criticised the policy of turning away people who were not exactly five months since their second dose. According to Professor O’Neill, this was very distressing. Anyone who turns up for a booster vaccine should receive it, he said.

Professor O’Neill also said there was growing evidence that boosters “supercharged” the immune system offering very strong protection against the virus.

His comments come following major concerns being raised over the number of people turning up to get a booster jab.

The Taoiseach told the Dáil on Tuesday that 215,000 appointments for Covid-19 booster shots were missed in the last two weeks.

He said that in the week beginning November 22nd, 208,000 appointments were made, but about 80,000 people turned up to receive their booster shot.

Last week 180,000 appointments were made, but 93,000 people turned up.

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