Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Motorists from Roscommon heading to Dublin or to Galway using the motorway system are being hit in the pocket with higher tolls.

The charge on the M6 and M4 for cars rose by ten cents on January 1st. This means that for motorists from the South Roscommon area heading to Galway the fee is now €2, while for motorists from County Roscommon heading for Dublin on the M4 the charge is now €3 each way.

Tolls on eight motorways increased this year, according TII it was the first increase for cars in nine years.

Tolls on the M50 have not increased for users of toll tags, but have risen by 10 cent for video account registered vehicles (to €2.70) and vehicles without toll tags or video accounts (to €3.20).

TII said tolls for the Dublin Tunnel would remain at €10 in peak hours and €3 at all other times.



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