Saturday, May 14, 2022


Dear Readers,

I am a regular walker with my dog in the beautiful surroundings of the Demesne/Somer’s Park in Castlerea.  Each time I take my small dog on her lead I am astonished and saddened to see that so many people insist on walking dogs off the lead, the majority are large dogs that have the capacity to injure or kill a small dog should an altercation arise.

In the last month, I have had two occasions where a large dog has come running towards me, totally unaccompanied, no lead or harness and the owner/ owners strolling far back on the path unable or uninterested to intervene in what had the potential to be a major scuffle.   In a nearby park a friend of mine had her dog brutalised by another big unaccompanied dog last year, resulting in major trauma and a large veterinary bill.

Yesterday a large dog “harassed” and scared my dog who was on her lead and when I asked the owner why the dog was not under control I was met with a mouthful of expletives.  This is all happening where it clearly states at the entrance gate that all dogs must be on a lead on entering the park.

It seems it is just too much to expect that the public might actually adhere to this request unless they are constantly monitored and of course that is not practical.

Can I please once again appeal to dog walkers in the park,  PLEASE PLEASE PUT YOUR DOG ON A LEAD/ RESTRAINT ON ENTERING THE PARK.  Surely this is not too much to expect, or maybe it is, as it seems to be such a contentious subject and a request to adhere to the rules is generally met with much swearing and invective.   We all surely deserve to walk our beautiful local park without fear or unease for our pets or indeed our limbs.

Yours etc

A very concerned reader and regular Castlerea park walker.

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