Thursday, September 22, 2022

Aisling and Mark Kirwan, co-founders of Positive Carbon.


A Roscommon company has enabled a major event in Austria to be the first of its kind to serve a Net Zero food menu.

Positive Carbon, based in Kilteevan, collaborated with Austrian Green Peak Festival to provide a Net Zero menu at their climate protection event in Vienna on Wednesday (yesterday).

The company, co-founded by Aisling and Mark Kirwan, provides commercial kitchens with food waste monitoring technology to allow a reduction in food waste, save thousands on food bills and reach sustainability goals.

Positive Carbon’s food waste prevention technology is regarded as a critical innovation to support food businesses to become Net Zero. The product measures, categorises and calculates all food carbon emissions using AI and LiDAR (the technology which can be found in self-driving cars).

The data produced also creates visibility around a kitchen’s food waste, ultimately helping to reduce costs and environmental impact. Crucially, the data is collected without any interference to the routine of kitchen staff as the camera is simply placed above the food bin.

“This collaboration with Green Peak Festival is another very exciting step on our journey as we want to ensure that all out partners dealing with food can accurately measure and understand the carbon emissions generated by the foods they produce, purchase and prepare. We are very proud to support this event to achieve its Net Zero targets,” said Aisling Kirwan.

The principle aim of Green Peak Festival was to stimulate discussion and collaboration between politicians, civil society and the private sector to uncover effective solutions to sustainable development.

The very fact the festival committed to delivering a food menu that has Net Zero impact on the environment demonstrated their dedication to reducing the impact of human activity. It also highlighted how technologies such as Positive Carbons’ will help to achieve their goal.

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