Thursday, May 18, 2023

Roscommon senior football manager, Davy Burke, is expecting his side to do well during the upcoming All-Ireland Series. Picture: INPHO/Laszlo Geczo


Roscommon senior football manager Davy Burke feels that anything other than a top two finish in the group stages of the new All-Ireland Series would be a disappointment.

The Rossies travel to Croke Park on Sunday week to face Leinster champions Dublin, and while Burke accepts that Roscommon will be massive underdogs for that game, he’s confident that his side can give a good account of themselves before the subsequent games against Sligo and Kildare.

“There’s a huge opportunity here for us. First and foremost, we’d be looking to get out of the group. Obviously, we’re looking for a quarter-final berth. If that doesn’t come, we’ll be looking for a home last 12 game. They’re the two main targets. We’re absolutely gung-ho going after them.

“It’s a very difficult start (against Dublin) but we’ve played nine Division One opponents this year, and we’ve been knocking on the door in every single one of those games, winning five of them. So I don’t think we’re a million miles away but we’re about to get a fair eye-opener as to where we really are. But I’d be hopeful that we’ve made huge strides and we’re a proper competitive senior team,” he said.

The manager also revealed that, apart from a couple of “usual” knocks and bruises, Roscommon expect to have a full hand to pick from for the Dublin game.

*Full interview in Tuesday’s Roscommon Herald, including the approach against Dublin, getting more scores and addressing the Rossies’ championship record in Croke Park

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